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Monday, August 13, 1973  HONOLULU ADVERTISER (revue)
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Imagine a young man who gets seduced by Mother Nature: and when he married his girlfriend instead, is suddenly picked up by a tornado, carried miles away, dropped into a ravine, and drowned by a flash flood.   

Imagine a guy and a girl who bump into each other and find out that all they can say is the same thing at the same time..   

Imagine Adam in the garden of Eden asking God for“a little bit of action.” And then refusing to supply the spare rib.“How about a fingernail, or a lock of my hair?”    

It's hard to imagine, and it's even harder to imagine how someone could have imagined it.  But it's been done, and now it's here:   

The Red Heart Follies, a group of totally amature young performers, operating on an almost non-existent budget with homemade costumes and homemade props, who, nevertheless, in their own entertaining and sometimes risqu? fashion, manage to produce lots and lots of fun. It's like the high school talent show, or one of the movies you wrote a script for, or some particularly outrageous stunt in a game of charades.  And it's all for free.   

THE RED HEART FOLLIES is the work of Robert“Red”Baer, 28, a stadium vendor, a playletwright and a graduate of the U.H. Drama Department, who as the company's creator-director-producer-author-and-stagehand, aims mainly to entertain.   

“I'm looking for a theatre everyone can enjoy," said Baer, who once wrote a play for nude actors entitled,“Naked Journey” which was produced at Forbidden City when no one else would.“Theatre to me is more or less museum pieces,” he said.“I’m doing theatre just for people to watch, not just for theatre-goers to watch.    

Professional theatre-goers might find the The Red Heart Follies a little too bizarre to believe, but it's quite enough for the beer-drinking crowd at Anna Bannana's at 2440 S. Beretania, where the playlets are performed Saturday night every hour on the half hour beginning at 8:30 p.m., and a hat passed around afterwords.   
CONSIDER, for example, the preposterous humor of the skit, “Bullets to Heaven,” In which a football fan clad in a red helmet refuses to interrupt his concentration on the game to receive the news of his wife's death by stabbing.    

“I had to kill her, Arthur,”says the play's hero, Menlo “Ripper” Marshall, who has recently been released from prison. “We loved each other.  I had to kill her from the torture of living with you.”   

Menlo and Arthur, during a commercial, then discuss whether his wife's last words to Menlo were “I love you,” as he believes, or “I loathe you,” as Arthur believes.   

At this point Martha herself enters stage right twirling a baton, and proceeds to announce that heaven is divided into districts.“Our division,”she tells the jealous Menlo,“is made up of those who were stabbed to death by other people.”   

Martha then disappears, leaving Menlo fretfully plotting how he can get himself stabbed so he can join her.  & amp; nbsp;

He finally hires a kill-by-computer firm to do it for him and becomes Victim 57667188.  The only problem is that the computer makes an error, and poor Menlo finds he is shot instead.    

The playlet ends with Arthur marrying Martha's twin sister and Menlo happily surrounded in heaven by lovely female fellow shootees.    

If you can't see Baer's plays at Anna Bannana's, The Red Heart Follies has dates at Waterfront Village at 6:30 p.m. on Aug 17 and 19;  and on his birthday, Sept. 28, Kumu Kahua, a University group, will begin a run of them at the Laboratory Theatre.   

Merrier means more, and would-be thespians who like to write music, design props, ham-it-up or hold microphones are welcome to try to join.

“The idea is,”said Baer, for whom rain is water poured out of a pop can,“you can do a play without anything.”    

Top:  Baer and Sherry Brown get “Stuck Together.”   
Left:  Lachlan Macleay is Menlo.   
Right:  Dawna Williams as the “Ugly Virgin” consoles Baer.

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