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Mifune/Kurosawa Related
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WORLD OF SAMURAI-- Robert and Toshiro Mifune, Akira Kurosawa movie posters, etc.
You might also want to read  "A Short Personal Biography of Toshiro Mifune." 


Hi Robert,

just wanted to thank you VERY much for posting your Toshiro Mifune pages on the Internet. I'm a film-loving Vermonter and Mifune is my all-time favorite. His intensity and purity come through every movie I have ever seen him in, and I was very sad when he passed away. Your pictures and remembrances are touching & beautiful, and I have to say it was very fun to see "regular" pictures of him as opposed to movie stills.

You were & are truly blessed to have known & worked for/with such an incredible, exuberant, and talented human being. Thank you again, and many blessings!




I made wallpaper for my computer screen from the Japanese movie posters.  The people at work think the Yojinbo poster is really cool.


THE COMMENT (excerpts):

 I was really moved and impressed with your recent mail and web page...  Your web page is the sort of content" that really makes the internet special, and unique among all media.

Maybe it sounds silly, but I the story of your return to your old employer, and to be recognized and welcomed, really made my day...I was awfully happy all day after getting your mail.  I was happy for
you...what an experience!  I was also happy for myself, and all Mifune fans...that we could talk with you and have you ask questions on our behalf is really amazing.  I appreciate that your inquired about Mr.
Mifune's never know how people will react with something so personal is asked.  Thanks you for asking, and if I could thank Mr. Shiro Mifune, I would.


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I consider Toshiro Mifune my favorite actor. I watched his films at the Toho Theater in Honolulu in the 70's during my academic experiences at the University of Hawaii. I was so impressed with him that I wrote him a few times. And he wrote back. I treasure the letters and portraits that I have of him. What a noble man.

Best wishes to you in the new year of the dragon.



I have read with great enthusiasm and amusement your web page about your "Mifune Pilgrimage."  I had not been on your site for a while and heard about your page on one of the digests from my online Mifune group.  They speak well about you, Robert.



Oh Robert!  I'm so glad you went back to the production company!  And getting to see Shiro-san must have been a real treat.  He does look an awful lot like his dad.

Rusty (on "Mifune Pilgrimage")

Killing Flies Related
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Greetings Robert,

Philosophically Buddhist, I have an enthusiast's interest in your fly-catching technique. Mine own is to lead them then swoosh to the outside.
RE: mosquitos, they simply must die. As recently as last night I was bitten, and it's pretty chilly here in Korea now. If you are vexed by a mosquito in the night, here is my most effective technique for killing them w/o waking yourself up completely.
1) Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide, hence CO emitting body cavities. Position your power hand next to an exposed ear or nostril.
2) Calmly allow the offending bloodsucker entry.
3) Close the ear or whatever. Go back to sleep.
4) Upon waking, be sure to wash out your ears (or whatever).

Nice web site! I connected through OhayoSensei, where you are featured this week.

Patrick Reilly
Korea University

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Hi Robert, we were greatly amused by your story but have to say we all think you've been in the sun too long and its affected your brain. Flies can't talk.

New Zealand

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The World of Robert Red-Baer is mentioned in the ON-LINE/ON JAPAN section (pretty close to the top). It's a nice page, and you have obviously put a great deal of work into developing it.

Lynn Cullivan
Editor, O-Hayo Sensei

* * * * *
From the online issue of O-Hayo Sensei

Don't usually do personal sites, but here's an interesting one, it's The World of Robert Red-Baer at Red-Baer is an Assistant Professor at Edogawa Women's College, and has a picture of himself with Toshiro Mifune!


I enjoy your web site so much that I have it tagged as a favorite and usually go to it each time I go on-line.



You are great!  I am looking forward to the question and answer page.  I am also interested in Minoru Chiaki.



Click here to read about Minoru Chiaki


(The following was in Red-Baer's e-mail inbox on 17 May, 1999)


A few vignettes.

On a muggy night in Honolulu many years ago, a young boy sat along the third base line on battleship gray bleachers taking in the sights and sounds of America's Pastime. Don't ask me why I remember this particular incident, but a bearded red-headed man selling hotdogs cokes and peanuts came by around the seventh inning hawking his wares, telling everyone that this was the last chance for the night. A military type behind me asked the red-head, "Is that a threat or a promise?" and got a good chuckle from those near enough to hear the statement. Don't ask me why an insignificant incident more than a quarter century ago stuck in my head. It just did, and I guess I'll take that one to the grave with me.

One of the things...

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  What came to me in reading about your adventure of getting to Hawaii & becoming a vendor (Vending Hot-dogs-- THE TRADE SECRETS!!!) was that no matter how grim the circumstances are to the naked eye, you keep searching until a solution is apparent to resolve & reverse the conditions.    You really are an adventurous soul.  How many people would decide to move to a foreign country without knowing the language when they are going to have to live on the economy?  Even if your original plans for a short period of time,  look at what you have accomplished...


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