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Robert Red-Baer Plays - The Productions
NOTE: Red-Baer has stopped publishing requests that have not followed up with word of a production(s).

Herman (Red-Baer) and Bernice (Mother) Nature
Herman being attacted by Nature's Elements
ABOVE: Pictures from the original 1972 production as part of
THE RED HEART FOLLIES at Anna Bananas in Honolulu, Hawaii

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Andrea's Production of Nature
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Performed by Clayton Heights Secondary school in Vancouver British Columbia Canada March 9th & 10th, 2000


We are having a night of One-Act plays, And I am the director of one of them, Actually I am directing your play (Nature). Clayton Heights Secondary school in Vancouver British Columbia Canada is applying for non-professional stage performance rights for Nature by Robert Red-baer. Our performances will be held on March 9th and 10th 2000 there will be a total of 2 perfomances. The ticket prices are 5.00 for adults and 2.00 for students. The money we raise will go towards our theatre dept. we could sell a maximum of 250 seats and the student actors will NOT be paid. So I thought that I should inform you of this and ask for your permission to do your play Nature royalty-free.  I would also like to add that I am very fond of your work I think that the plays you have written are absolutly halarious and I am really looking forward to see how this play will turn out on stage with my actors. So if you could please get back to me on this I would be very happy. Thank-you.



Mother Nature bringing Herman to his knees.
Mother Nature bringing Herman to his knees

We Performed the plays on March 9th and 10th and I must add It went great! I am really impressed on how good it actually went.  The audience loved it. Even my sound and lighting guys got everything right. We took a whole bunch of pictures for you to see and I was going to send you a copy of the program but our scanner thing or whatever it is dosn't work.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks again for letting me do Nature.


Mother Nature The Rainbow
The Director-- Andrea
The Rainbow
Rain Herman talking to nature
Nature's element-- rain
Herman praising the greatness of Nature
Three elements
Mother Nature listening to Herman's praises of her.
All of the elements
Herman listening to Mother Nature Herman and his girlfriend Mary
Herman listening to Mother Nature
Herman asking his girlfriend Mary, to marry him
thunder and lightning Curtain call
The elements attacking Herman in force (little dark)
Curtain Call!


Betty's Production of Nature
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(Click here for list and scripts of all Red-Baer plays)

Performed by the Pearl C. Anderson Middle Learning Center Theatre Arts club in the Fine Arts Extravaganza in Dallas, Texas. Performances were at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center located at 1201 East 8th Street, on May 8th, 2007, at 7:00 p.m., and at the Frontiers of Flight Museum (this is where the pictures were taken) located at 6911 Lemmon Ave. in the Dallas Love Field Airport, on May 10th, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.

Mother Nature

I want to thank you so much for letting us put on your play. The audience loved it, and my kids were so excited that you gave written permission to perform "Nature".



Click here for the script of NATURE

ABOVE: Year 2007 Performaces by the Clarkson Theatre Company in Potsdam, NY, USA.
                   - February 18th and 19th in the Sara M. Sell Auditorium
                   - March 14th for the Spring Break Safe Sex Awareness Campaign

In Nashville
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(Click here for list and scripts of all Red-Baer plays)


First of all, let me just say that I worship you for having written these fabulous plays.  YOU ROCK!!!  Although we are not worthy of your greatness, please humor us lowly unworthy people and let us put on your play "Crabs."
We are high school students from Nashville, Tennessee putting on a series of student directed plays for a school sponsored event.  I'm going to be a director. This is truly the best one act script I've ever read, and seems like it would be fun to do.  Please please please let us do it! In terms of editing, we may have to remove a few of the sexual innuendoes.
The play would be performed with a series of others on the 25th through 28th of February at the University School of Nashville.



We did the play and it was WONDERFUL!!!  Thank you very much for letting us do it.  One little change based on actors-  Lady Louse became a drag queen =) =) =)  It was a hit and you were credited and everything.  There were 2 other short plays ...... , but everyone thought Crabs was a lot better (than the others), and more original.  YAY!!!  The actor for Mike was experienced and really funny and full of expression.  Mary had never acted before and was all nervous, and we had to rehearse and rehearse, but she pulled through and did a good job.  And of course Queen Louse stole the show.

Thanks again!


In Kalgoorlie
(Click for script)
(Click here for list and scripts of all Red-Baer plays)


I am seeking permission to put on your play crabs.

We are a small non profit community based theatre group here in Kalgoorlie, out back Western Australia.  Kalgoorlie is a small mining townsituated 650km east of Perth, with a population of approx 35,000 people.  With men out numbering women here of 8 men to 1 woman.

Your play appealed to me to reflect the "behind closed doors" of sexually transmitted diseases in a tongue in cheek fashion.  Here in Kalgoorlie we have the only legal brothel strip in Western Australia and your play would appeal to the locals overwhelmingly.

Proposal dates 23rd 24th 30th of June and the 1st 7th 8th of July in the year 2000.

Toni (Curtin University)


The play was a success.  Thank you ever so much.  We have a video for you.  I will also send all the programs, posters and reviews for you.


(Note from Robert):  I will publish what I can on my site when I recieve it-- stay tuned.

ABOVE: Pictures from the original 1972 production as part of
THE RED HEART FOLLIES at Anna Bananas in Honolulu, Hawaii


I had been  searching rigorously to find a  play that fit the assignment in class and that spoke to me. In reading  your plays they did all of the above and more. I find all of your works  outrageously hilarious and full of energy that allow room for a director  to input their own ideas for the production. Something that many plays  I found don’t allow. I would greatly appreciate your consideration in  allowing me to produce & direct your play “The Lion sleeps Tonight.”


Successfully performed December 7th, 2002 at The Little Theatre, Fisk University, Tennessee, USA.

In Hampshire
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(Click here for list and scripts of all Red-Baer plays)



I'm the director of a Youth Theatre group for 15 - 18 year olds in Hampshire, United Kingdom, wondering if it would be ok to use your play for a small studio production next month? We won't be making much, if any money out of it unfortunately, but would love to use your play if this is ok.

Please let me know as soon as possible so we can start rehearsing! Thank you very much,

Amanda farrell


I used the play, thank you very much. I think it went down really well, and a lot of people asked me who the author was as it was so well written. I hope you don't mind- I changed the rape to a mugging because of the age of some of my cast members - it worked just fine! I have a copy of the program (nothing very exciting I'm afraid, low budget youth theatre!) which I can send to you if you give me your address again. Once again, thanks for the play - it was great! I write plays myself but had nothing suitable for the number and sexes of cast so it was really good to find something as well written as yours to suit!


In Texas
(Click for script)
(Click here for list and scripts of all Red-Baer plays)
2003, May 16th and 17th--Performed by Lytle High School, Lytle, Texas, USA.  Two pages from the program.

bullets to heaven program 1

bullets to heaven program 2

ABOVE: Pictures from the original 1972 production as part of
THE RED HEART FOLLIES at Anna Bananas in Honolulu, Hawaii


Hey Robert:

I read the Adam and Eve script that you wrote and I think it is the best script I have ever read.  I haven't laughed soo hard in a long time, I even showed my brother the script and he read it and laughed.  Anyways I'm a high school student in Aberdeen, S.D. and I am in a theatre class and we have to do script reviews every week and my teacher read this script and thought it was hilarious.  I just want to tell you thanks for writing such a good play and I hope that someday i can write scripts as well as you.  Have a good one. Thanks...keep up the good work!

James Cowan

(Click for script)
(Click here for list and scripts of all Red-Baer plays)


Hi. I am a seventeen year old senior student at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute in Kitchener, Ontario which is in Canada. I am currently in the school drama club and we are aspiring to perform a night of one act plays in early November. While searching for a suitable play, I came across your Adam and Eve play. I believe that this play would go along really well with the theme of the evening. I wish permission to use this play. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanx :)

Richard Seale


(Click on the above titles for the scripts)
(Click here for list and scripts of all Red-Baer plays)


I am interested in "Adam & Eve" and "Bullets to Heaven".  I have read both the scripts several times and truly enjoy them.  I would love to bring them to life on-stage here at West Virginia Wesleyan College.  My audience will be approximately 100 people with two nights of free performances to thank students for their theatre support for this year.  I would like to do them on May 3rd and May 4th, 2000.


THE RESULT (from Don):

Unfortunately, we were not able to perform the plays.  Oddly enough, this was not by choice.  What happened was that only 7 people showed up to audition for the three one acts that we were hoping to
perform.  And since there would only have been 2 weeks to rehearse, wechose not to double cast from the beginning.  When only 7 people showed up and we could not even get people to take a part without auditioning, we decided to cancel the performances.  I am terribly sorry about that. I would like to keep copies of the plays on hand and hopefully use them in the future...

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