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Friends and Fans Corner

This page is for fans, friends or just interested people to express themselves.  It is in the process of being created, so expect it to transform itself over time.  Eventually it will be incorporated into, or incorporate something like a "Toshiro Mifune Fan Page."  The first president of it will be Elena Kopot'ko (below).  We will have other officers as time progresses-- Maybe I should be the treasurer (ha ha?)  I have been exchanging e-mail with other fans and will get everyone on this page as soon as I can.  If you are not here and want to be please e-mail me (Robert).

Elena's Vasya

Elena Kopot'ko from St. Petersburg, Russia drew these pictures on a computer and wrote the poem.  On the left is her family's cat, Vasya.  I (Robert) visited Elena, Vasya, Elena's family and her colleagues and students (She is an English teacher at Herzen University) in March.  It was an adventure I will never forget. 

Most people in the world have wonderful hearts and I think we must not let politics of any kind dictate what we should believe in or not believe in as human beings.  I felt this very strongly after my return to Japan from Russia.


Elena's sea poem and picture

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