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Akira Kurosawa Movie Corner

twenty-eighth movie

Akira Kurosawa poster 28

Released Date: 25 May 1990 
Running Time: 120 minutes 
Color: Color 
Screen Format: Vista Vision

An omnibus which sweeps you to the world of dreams. The eight dream 
segments present a multitude of stories and characters: a secret wedding 
procession of masked foxes, a fairy in a peach tree with Japanese Hina dolls, 
a mythical snow enchantress, ghosts of departed soldiers, a young art student 
who slips into a Van Gogh painting, a radiation poisoned metropolis and a red 
Mt. Fuji, the dialog between a man and ogre living in a post-nuclear world, and 
an old man and the inhabitants of a village with water mills surrounded by 
nature's beauty. Each dream portrays a fantasy created by Kurosawa. Steven 
Spielberg collaborated in the making of this film along with George Lucas' ILM 
handling the special effects. 

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1. Judo Saga
2. The Most Beautiful
3. Judo Saga II
4. They Who Step on the Tiger's Tail
5. No Regrets for Our Youth
6. One Wonderful Sunday
7. Drunken Angel
8. The Quiet Duel
9. Stray Dog
10. Scandal
11. Rashomon
12. The Idiot
13. To Live
14. Seven Samurai
15. I Live in Fear
16. Throne of Blood
17. The Lower Depths
18. The Hidden Fortress
19. Bad Man Sleep Well
20. Yojinbo
21. Sanjuro
22. High and Low
23. Red Beard
24. Dodesukaden
25. Dersu Uzala
26. Kagemusha
27. Ran
28. Dreams
29. Rhapsody in August
30. Madadayo
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