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There are very few pictures to be found of The Red Heart Follies, but here is one from the short play, NATURE. Red-Baer is being intimidated by the elements of Mother Nature.


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Anna Banannas and The Red Heart Follies

Anna Banannas is a popular drinking spot near The University of Hawaii, Manoa campus. It is located across a field from Stadium Park--which used to be the home of Red-Baer when it was THE STADIUM (now known as THE OLD STADIUM). Anna Banannas was frequented by a variety of people from all walks of life. The one thing most of the customers (and owner, and workers) have in common is that they are all somehow a little strange-- strange in a good way. When the Red Heart Follies was playing there, Anna's only served beer and wine-- it now also serves hard liquor. 

original heartThe Red Heart Follies was an interesting and fun project that was done at Anna Banannas every Saturday night for about 18 months in 1973 and 1974. We also performed in the University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Park, Honolulu Zoo and in a couple of shopping centers . The following is how things were done at Anna Banannas: 

There were five different short plays done every hour on the hour from 8pm. Every week the plays would move up one time notch. So the 8pm play was always the new one. We started every play off with the theme song, "Let it beat." We performed in corner of the room on a raised standard size piece of plywood. 
Except for a few exceptions, most of the plays were written and directed by me (Robert Red-Baer). I also wound up performing in quite a few of them. We had kind of a main group of performers, but we could always find a place for anyone who wanted to participate, as long as they came to the rehearsals. We were literally paid in beer and pizza. Anyone who participated would get all the beer they could drink, and all the pizza they could eat for the performance night. You can't imagine what the midnight performance was like! 

The audience was drunk and stoned-- the actors were drunk and stoned-- the cat was drunk and stoned-- everyone was on the ceiling-- and on top that, many of our die-hard fans were seeing the same play for the 5th week in a row (the last performance of that particular play) and they knew what kind of performance was expected of us. These fans would start throwing things at us if we didn't come up to what they expected-- fortunately they threw mostly peanuts. 

Attempted Franchise of The Red Heart Follies

At one time I thought of making the Follies a franchise. My two bosses at Security Armored Car, my sometimes full time, part time job as truck driver in Hawaii, backed me up with about 100 dollars (mostly for mailing costs). The idea was to get a bunch of Red Heart Follies groups going all over the USA. Every group would contribute a small amount of money and also any original Follies plays that they made. The pool of plays would be distributed to all member groups. The money would go for national advertising. I sent my idea with some reviews and related things to about forty small theatre groups. In the end about three were seriously interested-- but somehow it never got off the ground. I still think it is a good idea-- not much for making money-- but making fun.
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