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Conditions for using the plays of Robert Red-Baer

1. ANY GROUP, PROFIT OR NON-PROFIT, is eligible to perform the play(s) for freeHowever, the production of Robert Red-Baer's work(s) need(s) the expressed written consent of Robert Red-Baer. Permission can be granted by e-mail or regular postal airmail.  The plays are copyrighted and any person or group performing the plays without the consent of the copyright owner (Robert Red-Baer) are in violation of the copyright law and subject to prosecution.  Even though the plays are free to anyone, It is very important to get permission from Robert Red-Baer (He has never refused anyone who has asked).

In sending e-mail PLEASE place the title of the play or one of the plays you are interested in, in the e-mail SUBJECT line.  Robert gets more than 200 junk mails everyday and titles like, HELLO, INQUIERY etc can easily be trashed.  If you don't get a reply from Robert in the first two or three days, please send another e-mail.



Robert Red-Baer
Chiba-ken, Nagareyama-shi
Edogawadai Higashi 3-623-18
270-0111  Japan

2. In liu of royalties Robert Red-Baer will ask for feedback of the performance(s).  This is more important than money.

3. Though it is not required, posters, programs, video tape, reviews and any other material pertaining to the production would be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to see what may happen with sent material, click here.

4. Though this has never happened, Robert Red-Baer reserves the right to refuse any individual(s) or group(s) permission to perform any or all of his works without having to give a reason.

5. The offer of royalty free plays is subject to change without prior notice. Any agreement made between Robert Red-Baer and another party will be honored until the end of the agreement.

6. The exclusive rights to perform any of the works of Robert Red-Baer is negotiable.

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